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Pet Taxi Fees

Pick-ups and Deliveries Rules & Regulations:

Pick-ups and deliveries are done in our private Limo/Van which is heated and
air conditioned and plays soft music so your pet can enjoy the ride.

Appointments need at least 2 days reservations.

During off-peak times we may be able to accommodate next day pick-ups.

PICK-UP SCHEDULE: The hours for getting your pet are usually before store hours and delivered after store hours. From 7AM-9:30AM and 6PM-8:30PM

CANCELLATION RULES: Please call the day before you cancel your appointment as to avoid penalties if you cancel at time of pick-up.

IF NO ONE IS HOME: You must let us know if you will not be home at time of delivery to avoid charges.

Drivers will only wait no more than 5 minutes and they will try and contact you by phone call, knocking on your door, or asking a neighbor if possible.

If none of these attempts are successful, then your pet is returned to the store. We understand that emergencies can occur and you may not be able to contact us to cancel your delivery. We care about your pet and we will provide proper care for them but until you are reunited with your pet the following conditions and charges will apply:

The return trip to the store at going rate: ($10-$25)

Emergency opening of store after hours(past 8 PM)- $40

Preparations of housing, paperwork and overnight stay -$20

No Checks accepted!

We are sorry if these charges offend you, but the inconvenience and hardship of all the people who must now come into play to keep your pet safe and happy must be compensated. Know that your pet will be provided with the proper housing and transportation until you are both reunited. Please make sure you are available at all times specified

Veterinary Services

Puppy Paradise is happy to offer veterinary services to our in house guests. While boarding, you can have your pets routine health needs taken care of by the Animal Clinic, who makes regular visits to the kennel. This will make it easier for compliance with our vaccination requirements and save you time by eliminating those routine trips to the veterinarian.

If for some reason you can no longer keep your pet we find homes for unwanted suitable pets.
Adoption Services
Donations required:

Kittens up to:

8 weeks ...... $50

6 months...... $99

1 year ...... $150

2 years...... $199

3 years ...... $299

Puppies up to:

8 weeks...... $99

6 months ... $150

1 year ....... $299

2 years ...... $399

3 years ...... $499

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