Try before you buy? No obligation test period.

If you are not sure of your personal circumstances this no obligation pet policy will be your best bet to test your new baby at home with your family for a tryout period.

You are welcome to return your pet anytime without obligation and receive your appropriate refund minus all contract fees.



1.)  Tryout periods will be up to 14 days, from date of purchase anytime-date of return before 12 noon, counts as a full day.  All paper work will be held until you come to a full decision.

2.)  We will refund your money for any reason within 14 days minus all rental fees including allergies, landlord/tenant problems, marital problems, etc., providing the pet is healthy and in the same condition as when they left the store as not to impair any future sales of the pet.

Owner should immediately contact us should any problem develop or bring to the veterinarian designated at the time of purchase.

This policy is voided - if the pet is ill, hurt, or deceased.  We reserve the right to withhold your refund until a veterinarian diagnosis's is confirmed.  It is your responsibility to keep your pet healthy.

Visit Store for all prices.

All other statements on original warranty remain intact.  Remember the benefits of Rent-A-Pet as the standard policy, there are no refunds or credit and your only options are:

Keep your pet
Return your pet, so we can readopt him out, no money is returned.
Give your pet to a friend, neighbor, or relative.

Please make sure prior to taking your pet home, it is in good health.

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