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Puppy Love at first sight

Everyone will oooh and aaah at these very cute and playful puppies-Joyfully romping around with the laughter and sounds of happy children celebrating at this birthday party.

Puppy Paradise is now offering Puppy Parties

  • Our staff will come to your house or party location -- and bring a small collection of our adorable puppies that you and your children have picked out yourself.
  • You and the kids can actually pick the 4 breeds (or 2 medium and one large breed type puppy) by just by going to our web site and clicking on puppy gallery then you choose--the ones your children may have been asking to see and hold.
  • You will be asked to pre-sign a release form.
  • We can bring any combination of breeds to your party (all puppies are not available all the time--store discretion is used for the safe handling of all puppies --and will depend on the sizes of pups requested and the ages of children for the most appropriate pup match).
  • Your kids can then play with this great selection of puppies for up to one hour, we provide clean up and transportation services.
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This is an example of what to expect

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  • All the children are gathered around the puppies while excitement builds a brief explanation of the rules in puppy care and handling are explained as well as a brief history of the puppies.
  • While the children’s interest is at its peak the puppies are handed to the first kids
  • When all had a chance to hold the pups --Group play starts as well as the real fun

  • All this is done under the supervision of a pet professional
  • By the end of the puppy party, all the children and adults have picked there favorite breeds -- These will be memories that last a lifetime
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  • Call us for rates
  • Children learn to handle the pups
  • Pups learn the social skills needed in becoming a family member
  • To Book this party please provide the dates and times, address of party location, number of children and ages, boys or girls or mixed, if there would be supervising parents. Also please provide available directions to your location.
  • Because the pups are so young we recommend the best times for these parties to occur are between the times of 10 am and 4 pm so we may still be able to provide the special feedings so important to our growing puppies



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