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Puggle puppy for sale

Puggle Height : 10-15 inches

Puggle Weight : 15-20 lbs.

Puggle Colors : Fawn

Country of Origin: United States

Coat: Consists of short hairs. Colors can be black, beige, or silver. Must have a black mask.

Character: Easy-going and straightforward, sociable, intelligent and calm.

Temperament: This dog gets along well with children, other dogs, and any household pets. It may get jealous if its owner ignores it.

Care: Loose hairs should be removed periodically with a rubber brush. Special lotion needs to be applied to the facial creases.

Training: It is necessary to be gentle when training this breed, as they are very sensitive to the tone of your voice.

Activity: Puggles love to romp and play outdoors, provided the waether is good. Always make sure they have a cool place to spend the day if it is hot outside.

Description : Puggles are a relatively new hybrid dog breed produced by mating a select female Beagle to a select male Pug- resulting in a very sweet-tempered, affectionate (but not yippy, hyper, or insecure) pup that is very low-maintenance family-friendly (great with children and other dogs), loose-skinned, wrinkly-faced, endearing in both personality and looks. Well into their adult lives, they exemplify the best of what dogs are all about- loyalty, companionship, and affection; translating into a breed that is very eager to please its owner. It has been proven over time that Puggle owners feel their Puggles change their own family chemistry for the better giving everyone a "lift" by their happy, can-do natures. As well, they are durable, hardy dogs that can easily take a bit of rough-housing (boys love them for this.) Girls appreciate their affectionate, lap-loving qualities. Puggles usually get to be 14-20lbs. as adults, are 13-15" high at the shoulder, typically have a curly tail, are tan with a black muzzle or black- earning them the nickname of "miniature mastiffs".

At Puppy Paradise, our puppies get lots of playtime, cuddle time, and rest time. They are well-cared for and come from a healthy, nurturing evironment.

Click here to see pictures of our adorable Puggle puppies.

If you are interested in owning a Puggle puppy, call us today for details! Our puppy consultants are eager to help you find the perfect pet. To request additional pictures, send us an email.


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