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Pekingese Height : 6-9 inches

Pekingese Weight : 8-10 pounds

Pekingese Colors : Gold, Red, Sable, Cream, Beige, and combinations. May or not have Black Mask

Country of Origin: China.

Coat: Hair is long and abundant. A variety of colors is possible, but the most common combination is black and beige, sometimes combined with white.

Character: This dog is affectionate and noble, but not particularly fond of strangers.

Temperament: If socialized properly, this breed gets along fine with other animals. It does not like to be disturbed when resting, so it is not well-suited for homes with small children.

Care: A great deal of grooming is necessary, including frequent brushing and applying powder or dry shampoo. Excessive hair around the pads of the feet must be trimmed.

Training: A Pekingese considers itself its own boss, but it can be trained through positive reinforcement.

Activity: This dog has very little need for exercise, making it especially suited for life in an apartment.

Pekingese Description : Pekingese dogs have long, straight-flowing coats with profuse feathering and comes in all colors. It has a broad head that is wide between their large, dark, lucid and slightly prominent eyes. Their necks are short and thick. Though tiny in size, Pekingese are very brave, even courageous to the point of foolhardiness! They are sensitive, independent and extremely affectionate with their master, but are wary of strangers. They can make good watchdogs.


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