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Boxer Height : 21 - 25 inches

Boxer Weight : 66 - 70 lbs.

Boxer Colors : Fawn, brindle with white markings

Country of Origin: German.

Coat: White should not cover more than a third of the dog. Coat is short and smooth.

Character: This dog is happy, friendly, and intelligent. It bonds closely with the family.

Temperament: Boxers get along especially well with children. They also get along well with other dogs and household pets. They are naturally inclined to protect your family from strangers.

Care: Coat can be kept in good condition by brushing occasionally.

Training: The Boxer must be trained not to jump up at people. Because it learns quickly, the Boxer is ideal for various sporting activities.

Activity: This dog needs plenty of exercise.

Description : Boxer dogs are medium-sized, squarely and solidly built with a short back, strong limbs, and a short, tight-fitting coat. Their muzzles are broad, blunt and feature an expression of alertness. They enjoy and need daily exercise, so a fenced yard to roam in is helpful. If walked daily, they can do well in a city environment. Boxers are considered "people dogs" as they adapt well to other dogs and children. The breed is a very gentle, loving and makes for a good family companion. Some of the Boxer's talents are guarding, police work, military work, search & rescue, competitive obedience, and performing tricks.


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